Perfect Trader Joe’s Winter Cheese Board

Yield: 10-16 servings
Prep: 20 minutesTotal: 20 minutes

Here’s how to create a Perfect Trader Joe’s Winter Cheese Board! From easy prep ahead ideas to festive garnish, I’ve got you covered! Plus a video of how I put mine together! Everything can be purchased at Trader Joe’s for a great price!


  • cheeses: 4-6 kinds, include a cheddar, brie, goat’s milk, and other favorites to create a variety; include about 1-2 ounces of cheese per person per cheese
  • meats: choose 3 kinds; salami, pepperoni and turkey summer sausage are great
  • crackers: choose two boxes and plan to replenish! crackers go with everything
  • sweet & salty extras: nuts, candied pecans, dried fruit, pomegranate seeds, festive bread crisps
  • produce: use small groups of grapes for filling in gaps
  • garnish: fresh rosemary is especially festive!


  1. Begin with a large cheese board or rimmed baking sheet (pictured!). Cover with parchment paper for easy cleanup if you want.
  2. Start with your cheeses – place them around the board, spaced evenly. You can always move them around while arranging the rest of the board.
  3. Add any other larger items like bowls or dips you need to have space accounted for.
  4. Move on to meats, spacing them around like the cheeses. Salami can be made into a salami river, summer sausage should be sliced, and pepperoni can just be left sliced if it is easy to peel apart.
  5. Add tons of crackers in groups of 10-20, spreading them around the board.
  6. Add your sweet and salty extras like nuts, candied pecans, or any other holiday goodies.
  7. Fill in the gaps with small groups of red grapes. They can sit on the cheese just a little!
  8. Finally, spread some festive garnish all around the board, tucking it in under crackers and bowls so it sticks out the side and in the gaps. Perfect!


This “recipe” is meant to be more of a guide and example of how to easily create your own Trader Joe’s Winter Cheese Board without going crazy! I have not included any nutritional information as it highly varies by amount consumed.

© Author: Danielle
Method: No Cook
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