finished trader joe's spring snack board seen from above.

Easy Trader Joe’s Spring Snack Board

Yield: 5-6 servings
Prep: 15 minutesCook: 0 minutesTotal: 15 minutes

This Easy Trader Joe’s Spring Snack Board features in-season veggies, honey goat cheese, pink flower cookies, and more! Perfect for large families and small Spring gatherings. Prep-ahead, storing leftovers tips, and a video included!


  • cheeses: choose 2-3 kinds; opt for soft and mild cheeses for Spring, such as goat cheese, brie, or havarti; include about 1 ounce of cheese per person per cheese
  • meats: keep it simple and light with 1-2 meats; opt for milder, less greasy options like turkey summer sausage or deli meat cuts
  • produce: 2-3 in-season vegetables, such as sugar snap peas, rainbow carrots, and radishes; cut carrots into strips for dipping
  • crackers: pick one box of crackers for the snack board such as the Social Snackers
  • dip: TJ’s Green Goddess Dip is perfect for veggies and a beautiful color
  • cookies: Look for TJ’s Pinks & Whites Cookies, or any pink colored cookies and candies (jelly beans, chocolate eggs, yogurt covered pretzels, etc.)
  • garnish: fresh daffodil stems and chamomile flowers make a great in-season garnish!


  1. Begin with a large cheese board or rimmed baking sheet (pictured!). Cover with parchment paper for easy cleanup if you want.
  2. Start with your larger items – place them around the board, spaced evenly. You can always move them around a bit later while you continue to arrange your board. Larger items includes things like bowls, dips, and big cuts of cheese if you have any.
  3. Pick a main focus ingredients and arrange it nicely – I decided to go with a centrally located carrot river! You can also use the meats or cheeses for this, whatever you have the most of. Get creative here!
  4. Continue arranging the rest of your chosen veggies, meats and cheese around the board. When in doubt, follow the pattern you’ve already started.
  5. Add lots of crackers in at least 2 groups of about 20, spreading them around the board.
  6. Add your sweet extras, like the Pinks & Whites Cookies. You can also add yogurt covered pretzels or little bowls of jelly beans and chocolate eggs!
  7. Spread your fresh garnish all around the board, don’t be afraid to tuck in lots of flowers and greens!
  8. Fill in the gaps with extra cookies and flowers! Other little extras like grapes or nuts work to fill in gaps too. Perfect! Happy Spring 🙂


This “recipe” is meant to be more of a guide and example of how to easily create your own Easy Trader Joe’s Spring Snack Board! I have not included any nutritional information as it highly varies by exact ingredients and amount consumed. I estimate the snack board will serve 5-6 people as a main meal.

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